The space: When we started working with Stonebridge Lofts, their residents were unhappy with how dark and unwelcoming the shared areas were, and had started working with an architect to redesign the space into something more elegant and modern. They wanted to create a cohesive, functional space, and we were happy to help!

Our work: The entire space had to be reworked with the architectural team to make it more functional, creating a large common area with smaller meeting rooms off to the side. Our biggest challenge with this project was the daily coming and going of residents. This put a larger focus on resident safety and forced our teams to be diligent about dust and debris, which we were easily able to navigate with a dedicated project manager on-site daily.

The results: We love how this space turned out. The meeting spaces are functional, but still have a modern, airy vibe that flows with the rest of the space, thanks to the huge glass wall that separates the gathering space from the meeting space. The centerpiece of the project is the big art walls throughout the space, where the tenants can display their own artwork. We also love the unique lighting fixtures that add texture and interest throughout. It’s now an incredible main floor that all the residents can use and enjoy!

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