A client from projects spanning the past 15 years purchased The Village property in Wayzata as a pet project. His uncle had originally developed the building, and he wanted to tie the property back to his family. After grabbing it when it hit the market at the end of 2017, he knew right away what he wanted to do: remodel the façade to bring it a fresh look that would last for years to come.  Given the long-standing relationship with the project manager, the owner knew the project was right for SullivanDay Construction.

The space: We came onboard and priced out the project with our extensive team of subcontractors and saved a significant amount of money from the original cost estimates. With our deep industry relationships and commercial experience, we were able to bring the right people to the table and optimize the schedule, which makes our work as efficient and cost-effective as it can possibly be.

Our work: The renovations themselves were done in phases to minimize disruption to the existing tenants. The property is in the heart of busy downtown Wayzata where parking is tight, and traffic is constant. To combat this, we segmented the overall project out to five sections, then phased each segment with demolition, construction, roof updates, restoration work, and painting.

The results: Everyone involved was extremely pleased with the before and after. The building itself is sleek and modern, yet still offers a traditional Cape Cod architectural style through the cedar shake shingles, shiplap siding, towers, and colors. The updates ensure that the property blends in with the feel of Wayzata, but still stands out with its unique appearance.

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