The Space

Located in Forest Lake, South Shore Veterinary Hospital had long outgrown their small facility. With an urgent need to add space and remodel, their team still needed to keep operations running smoothly – while continuing to provide a top-notch experience for clients with pets.

Our Approach

After the owners of the clinic purchased the residence behind the clinic, it was a race against winter as we started on the site work and two new additions. With construction starting in October, our team moved quickly to get all the underground work completed before the snow started flying! 

We knew we had challenges ahead of us as soon as the two new additions were finished and it was time to “break through” the existing exterior walls. It took a lot of structural work, overtime labor, and patience – but in spite of all that hard work our big project finally came together! 

The Results

The clinic was open for business the whole time, and we partnered with their team to ensure Covid protocols were not compromised, and that employees and customers could use the clinic safely. The client appreciated the high level of planning, along with the creative problem-solving needed for this live remodel. And now that the project is complete? We’re thrilled to share that the clients of South Shore Veterinary Hospital  – be they of the human or furry variety – will be very happy with the results for many years to come!