The situation: One of our longtime architectural partners, KOMA, had outgrown their old office building and designed an entirely new space to support their company’s growth. As part of the process, KOMA focused on gathering a wealth of employee input, then developed a delightful plan that incorporated top flexible work environment trends.

The solution: We were excited to get to work on this expansive project! We jumped in to start constructing KOMA’s vision. The new space is innovative, ditching the traditional reception space for a more versatile entrance, retiring the concept of siloed offices in favor of an open floor plan for everyone, incorporating thoughtful common spaces that make way for virtual meetings, and more.

The project was complex in other ways as well, incorporating mobile technology throughout the space while also turning the office into a central showroom for clients to visit and go through product selections. Every element needed to be perfectly constructed to showcase the elegant and transformative capabilities their incredible team has to offer!

The results: The delightful new space is enjoyed by KOMA’s entire team and is a trendsetter in flexible workspaces! The office features a spacious café, many ancillary workspaces, tons of natural light, and a beautiful resource library at the heart of the space. It was such a joy to help this team step into their vision!

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