As one of the country’s top patent law firms in the country, St. Paul-based Shumaker & Seiffert represents some of the biggest names in the industry. But the firm’s office didn’t reflect its status as a team of leading-edge attorneys representing the largest names in technology. Encompassing the entire third floor of an office building, the firm’s workspace was outdated, especially when compared to the workspaces of its clients. Plus, to accommodate its growing staff, the firm had recently acquired half of the building’s first floor. The team at SullivanDay was hired to help Shumaker & Seiffert bring these spaces up to speed.

Our Approach
We started work in March of 2015 to build-out the firm’s first-floor office space. From a stunning reception area to full glass partitions and doors accented with beautiful maple-veneered millwork, we transformed the space into a sleek, modern environment. We also added a conference room with an integrated table, a room dedicated to treadmill desks, a break room with a coffee bar, and a full-shower bathroom. In just two months, we had the space move-in ready.

In November, we moved upstairs to do a full remodel of the third floor. Because it was a live remodel, we carefully phased out the work and diligently communicated with our client to prevent disruptions to their staff. We also kept the project on a tight schedule, finishing up in four weeks’ time.

The Results
Shumaker & Seiffert’s new office space is much more accommodating to the firm’s clients and staff. Most important, its advanced look and technical capabilities underline the firm’s premier reputation in the tech industry.

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