Why Choose SullivanDay?

Anticipating Construction Trends, Delivering Delight

When we start any new client relationship at SullivanDay, two things are clear. We want to make a good impression and the client wants to avoid surprises. We keep those two things at the heart of our first consultation with you, throughout construction and finally in our follow-up care post-project. It’s not enough for us to win the project. We want to win you over.

By anticipating construction trends, working easily with different teams and project partners and deeply understanding your business goals, we stay focused on the client relationship. A building is a representation of your vision, your hope for growth and your promise to customers. Nothing should be left to chance. Every detail is important.

You might not think a superintendent could help local residents get excited about a new restaurant opening. You might not expect a neat job site. But we do. Managing impressions and avoiding surprises — that’s why SullivanDay is a new model for construction and why more clients make us the clear choice for reaching their business goals.

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