May 9, 2019 Marketing Team

Warm wood finishes, family style kitchens, indoor/ outdoor play areas, musical spaces, everything custom, and not a single plastic flimsy chair in sight. More childcare facilities are opting for home-like custom finishes in their buildings, and the reasons are clear: creating a warm and inviting environment that looks and feels like home gives children the opportunity to flourish.

Because today’s parents have much more specific expectations for childcare centers than generations past, it’s important to understand what’s going to attract the parents in your community to not just love your center, but become raving supporters of your business in the community. Below, we’ll help you build out your own vision by walking you through the shifting trends in parent expectations for the centers their children attend, and what that looks like for many of our clients.

Natural wood and home like elements make kids comfortable at their daycare center

Put Parents at Ease

Let’s be honest, every parent has a mini-heart attack when they first drop their child off at a childcare facility. They picture their child crying in a dark room, unable to make friends, missing mom and dad like crazy. Of course, all these fears quickly melt away when your facility looks and feels more like their own home than a commercial center. Immediately, the quality craftsmanship and high-end soft goods will make them feel more at home.

Layer in the cute wooden tables and chairs, thoughtfully placed art and music facilities for organic, creative play, and a natural-light filled rooms, and you have the makings of a center that today’s parents rave about.


There is nothing more important than creating a safe environment where children can learn and grow – and it’s a huge selling point for the parents who frequent your facility. That is why it is so important to have finishes made of natural materials like wood, bamboo and cotton: materials that don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals.

We’ve also been known to help our clients integrate top-of-the-line building safety features, like keyless access, security doors, and more, bringing a layer of secure technology that your customers have become more likely to expect when they enter your center.


Being away from home can be scary for kids, and if your facility looks foreign and feels cold, they’re less likely to relax enough to fully benefit from all of the educational activities you have to offer. Bringing those touches of home makes both the parents and the children feel more comfortable, and also makes the home-to-school transition easier, as the environment feels more familiar and stable.

Overall, incorporating a lot of natural light as opposed to fluorescent lighting, earthy tones in place of primary colors, wooden furnishings instead of plastic, and a thoughtfully laid out facility that makes parents feel like they’re leaving their child at a private school instead of a daycare are all concepts that we’re seeing many requests for. And the results are delightful.

Stylish entryway to childcare facility

Upgrade Your Facility

Adding a touch of home to your building can be the difference that takes your business from mediocre to thriving. It’s also the best way to not just offer a service to the community you serve, but become a staple for parents that want the best for their kiddos. If you’re wondering what an upgrade to your facility could look like, let’s chat! We’d love to help you create – and then step into – your vision.