November 30, 2018 Marketing Team

We moved – again! If that comes as a shock, don’t be too surprised. We just moved up one floor from our old office in the old Cream of Wheat building.

After we settled into our first-floor loft space, the old Cream of Wheat executive offices were put on the market, and we just couldn’t resist swapping them for our loft. There is so much character and detail in these spaces, it felt like the space was in perfect alignment with our brand as a detail-focused commercial construction firm.

commercial construction signage

While we’ve just moved into our space and are truly still unpacking, there are some classic elements that really sold us on the move.

Unique wood details

There’s no denying that quality was a main feature of this office space when it was built. Many of the original finishes are still in great shape throughout our new office, including these gorgeous moldings. Aren’t they cool?


Great hidden storage

Keeping in the theme with all the customized woodwork, our space comes with many of the original built-ins, including hidden wall cabinets and deep closets between each of the offices. It’s like our office is forcing us to keep our space organized!

Display space for our awards

We don’t do it for the awards – but they sure do look great displayed on the gorgeous, deep windowsills in our conference room!

A space that’s perfect for our records

We’re not talking paperwork – a requirement of our office space is that it must have great acoustics. And a corner for our custom-built record cabinet. We can’t do great work without the classic tunes to accompany our day!


There are still a few upgrades we’ll make to the space to truly make it ours – like bringing some of our signature orange to the space. But we’re thrilled to call this historic suite ours, and can’t wait to see how it evolves as our company continues to grow.