March 12, 2019 Marketing Team

Minnesota winters are brutal. In the middle of January and February, walking outside can feel like a sucker punch to the gut. Yet, for most of us, there is a nice warm home waiting at the end of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone shares that luxury, which is one of the reasons we’ve stepped into the ring with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative to combat the local fight against homelessness.

As you’ve likely seen on the news, this local crisis has become an epidemic, leaving men, women, and children on the street, facing freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions. As housing costs continue to rise and less affordable housing options are available to the metro at large, the problem can’t be solved without community-driven solutions. Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative is making strides to fix this problem in an impactful way that brings together local people of faith.

Through the collaborative effort of multiple congregations, they have provided 500 stable homes, 60% of which have onsite services available to help people with the transition from homelessness. They have also supplied 15,000 nights of shelter for families through their Families Moving Forward program. Moreover, they are actively advocating for policy change to help improve funding for accessible housing.

Their belief in providing stable homes not only to improves lives, but to also strengthen the community is one that resonates with the SullivanDay team. As a company, we support the great work this organization is doing both monetarily and by volunteering. We believe in the fight for affordable housing for the most vulnerable in our community, but it’s something that we can only win when we work together as people, as businesses, and as a society.

If you feel called to contribute to this cause, you can donate here, become a volunteer, or even become an advocate for affordable housing. If you are interested in seeing first hand the work this organization is doing, they welcome people to join one of their tours of their properties, program centers, or housing congregations. We have been inspired by their work, and we hope you will join us in supporting the mission of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.