When TCF Bank decided to build a branch in the bustling Dinkytown neighborhood of Minneapolis, we were honored to be the general contractor on the project. It was also a familiar endeavor for us. We built over 20 of the bank’s “mini-branches” within area grocery stores; this new Dinkytown branch was an off shoot of that concept but with a whole new design. Housed in a former yoga studio, the 2,450 square foot branch makes terrific use of space while creating a welcoming environment for University of Minnesota students.

Our Approach
Considering the bank’s vision for the branch—a convenient space for students to bank, study and hang out—the design incorporated unique characteristics such as glulam wood beams and reclaimed tabletops. In the lobby area, there is a window-facing countertop with chairs and charging stations for phones and laptops, along with accommodations for a future coffee kiosk.

One of the major construction elements involved demolishing part of an exterior masonry wall for a new entrance from the sidewalk. This created a new focal point of interest, while also making the branch more pedestrian-friendly. Also of note, the ATM in the branch’s vestibule, which represents a new design concept with accordion-style folding glass doors. The doors can be locked from the inside, giving students an accessible yet secure way to operate the ATM after hours.

The Results
We started construction in the winter to meet the bank’s desired opening date, which went forward as planned in February 2016. Our client was particularly excited about this branch, as it was one of the first to feature the bank’s new branding.

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