Over the years our team has executed more than 15 Twin Cities-area projects for Panera Bread. Most of these have involved remodels, drive-thru additions and new store build outs. One of our favorites is easily the relocation we did of its store in the Knollwood Mall.

Knollwood is one of the oldest malls in the Twin Cities, and in 2014 it underwent a significant overhaul. Panera had a space within the mall, but as part of the mall updates it was relocated to an out-lot building. The opportunity to have a new space was a plus for Panera, and we couldn’t wait to recreate its signature warm and inviting feel.

Our Approach

This was somewhat of a logistical challenge because the out-lot building wasn’t completed yet—and the project schedule was tight. To get things moving as soon as possible, we coordinated extensively with the mall’s general contractor. While they wrapped up construction on the building’s shell, we were inside bringing the interior to life.

The Results

We met the project’s fast-tracked schedule, enabling Panera to move into its new space before its existing space was demolished. This prevented a disruption in business—and maintained the dining habits of its loyal customers. A healthy win for all!

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