The Love to Grow On project was a ground-up build for a fantastic non-profit childcare facility. When we started working with them, the center had two existing locations that they were leasing, but wanted a new space created that they could call their own. They were looking at multiple different construction companies, and the competition was fierce, but ultimately, they chose our team because of our track record with modern new-build childcare facilities.

The Space: Love to Grow On encourages growth through exploration and the space needed to promote that type of learning. Keeping their mission in mind, we were able to capitalize on many of the latest childcare trends, in particular, the move towards all things natural. We installed a whopping 120 windows, which flood this facility in beautiful natural light. There is an interior courtyard, a natural scape playground, running creek rivers, boulders for climbing, and high-end natural finishes indoors. The colors are neutral, and the environment is both peaceful and mentally stimulating.

The Challenges: This project was not without its challenges. The biggest hurdle was the fact that this build occurred during the winter, and Minnesota winters are no joke. The client had a strict timeline to meet, and we knew that in order to get this project done in time, we needed to make the winter months work for us.

One way we accomplished this was by having the building panelized offsite in a climate-controlled warehouse. We were then able to take the walls, which were complete with finishes, and assemble them onsite with a crane. We then used temporary heat inside and heated blankets outside to make sure the concrete cured properly. The winter added some complexity to this project, but the use of a few creative solutions kept us moving full steam ahead.

The Results: This was a team effort from start to finish, from the architect to the financing; it felt like a well-oiled machine. The end result is a stunning childcare facility situated in a natural wetland area perfect for little minds who are eager to explore the world around them. Our client loves the new facility, and we could not be prouder to have been a part of this company’s story.