August 21, 2017 Steve Day

How we helped a soccer complex score new life

Soccer Blast has long been a destination soccer complex for Twin Cities-area soccer fans of all ages. With two indoor and two outdoor fields, as well as a Player Development Center, it offers ample space for competitive and recreational sports events. But for the past 10 or so years, the dome covering the indoor fields desperately needed an upgrade. This summer, replacing it and the fields inside of it became our mission. Here’s an inside look our game plan as the project’s general contractor.

Kick out the existing structure

Because the old dome would be replaced with an entirely new structure, the project started with a demolition. Once the dome and fields were cleared, our team got to work evaluating the existing infrastructure.

Assess our field position

We determined that the existing infrastructure needed significant modifications to support the new structure. This involved constructing large concrete beams to connect the existing structure to itself in multiple location to achieve the support the new building . We also had to install 26 helical piers to reinforce the existing structure due to poor soil conditions..

Pass to Legacy Building Systems

Once we completed the groundwork, Legacy Building Systems began installing the pre-fabricated building structure. The structure is comprised of fabric supported by a steel frame and sandwiched with insulation for energy efficiency. Very impressive! Although it’s technically a whopping 34,000-square-foot build, it will require fewer than four weeks to complete.

Shoot for the win

When the project is finished, Soccer Blast will have a beautiful new addition to its facility that includes a 53-foot-high peak at the center of the building, brand-new turf field and, much to the delight of players and fans alike, an upgraded heating unit! With these amenities, Soccer Blast is set to be a premier location for team training, scrimmages, and league plays all year long.