July 19, 2019 Marketing Team

5 Office Updates To Keep Your Company Relevant

Let’s be real, half the reason people are so eager to work for big name companies is because their office spaces are out of this world cool. People love the idea of working in offices that feel unique and special. The crazy thing is, you don’t need to be an iconic brand like Google to have a millennial-friendly office space. Check out these updates you can make to wow current and potential employees.  

Biophilic Design

Humans inherently want to connect with the natural world, or at least that’s the theory behind biophilic design. This practice aims to incorporate nature into everyday environments such as an office. Introducing natural elements has been shown to aid in health, productivity and well-being. Not to mention, being surrounded by nature promotes relaxation. Biophilic design can easily be incorporated into your office environment with unique features such as a living walls made of moss or vegetation, a water feature or even small indoor trees. Bring the outside in and give your office space a fresh, peaceful atmosphere.

Lots of Glass

Glass is the perfect go-to building material. It allows natural light pour in, and it looks sleek and modern. We aren’t just talking about big glass windows either. Glass walls on the interior of offices can have a huge impact on the feeling of the space. Interior glass barriers allow offices to build walls for separate spaces and conference rooms that are sound proof, but don’t hinder the natural light from reaching the deep interior of your space. No more working under the oppressive overhead lighting inside a cubicle cave. With glass walls, everyone gets just as much natural light as the person with the corner office. Not to mention, since glass is see-through, it will feel like an open office environment and help contribute to increased collaboration.

Old Meets New Design

Extremely modern designs can often feel cold, but if the design is too traditional, the space can feel dated. The solution, of course, is combining the two. Utilize old-world craftsmanship with modern accents. Combining clean-looking materials like metal and glass with old-style textured wood and brick makes for a striking space. Using weathered textures with modern furniture and equipment will make the space feel warm and cozy while still appearing high-tech. This aesthetic will make your employees feel comfortable but still capable of being productive.

Integration of Technology

Design, above all, should be functional. When you are designing an office you should be taking into account the needs of the people who utilize it everyday. For today’s employee that need is increased access to the latest technology, which means technology should be integrated into the design. Consider including extra power outlets so that people can wander away from their desks and work on their laptops around the office. You could also install smart TVs in huddle rooms or conference rooms that are hooked up to video cameras so that video calling can be done easily. Make your employees lives easier and provide them with a space that is designed with the technology they use in mind.


Unusual Common Spaces

A pool table, TV, video games, comfy couches, and dining tables may seem like an odd choice for an office, but they can actually increase productivity. Having a common area where people can have fun, eat, and chat casually with coworkers really increases morale. Not only will your employees develop camaraderie but they’ll also be able to de-stress without leaving the office. If you really want to kick it up a notch you can even include a wine and beer area for when happy hour rolls around. This transforms the office from a place people dread entering into a place associated with fun.


These office space updates can completely change the culture of your office, taking it from drab and oppressive to exciting and dynamic. The only downside to implementing these changes are all the new job applications you’ll have to sort through. If you think it is time to update your office, get in touch to set up a consultation.