November 7, 2019 Marketing Team

Construction is constantly evolving and growing to keep up with new technology and clients’ desire to be up-to-date on progress 24/7. Where construction crews once had to go to great lengths to get a look at remote locations or submit regular progress reports to clients, technology like drones and 360° cameras have revolutionized the industry.

 Here are some of the top trends to watch in 2020.


Drones are a delightful addition to the construction industry since unmanned aerial crafts enable the crew to get photos and videos that were previously impossible. These images can then be used to collect data, provide progress updates, certify job site safety and get a look at remote locations or angles.

360° camera  

We do a lot of work constructing new Panera Bread locations, and one of our best tools on those sites is our 360° camera. This camera enables the corporation and individuals paying for the build to see progress in real time, day or night. The camera also enables construction companies to monitor site conditions as they change, the adherence to the design intent, and observe potential safety issues.

Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated or modular construction is a fantastic way to save time and money during the months when Minnesota is not covered in snow. While prefab structures used to be associated with low quality, they’ve improved with technology in recent years and are now central to any modern construction site. With computer visualization, construction companies can lay out the details of a job with exact precision and create components in a controlled environment before transporting them to a work site.

Green Technology

From start to end, construction is going green. Since the construction industry alone is responsible for 20% of the world’s emissions, going green could have a hugely positive impact on the environment. Green building technology also creates buildings that have a longer life expectancy.

Procore Construction Technology

This technology offers a fantastically simple platform where property owners, contractors, project managers, construction companies and all other partners can collaborate, share documents, plan and stay on the same page. It simplifies the entire project and keeps everyone who needs information in the know.